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WONDER Cambridge

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What is WONDER?

We do wellbeing parties and events. The weekend is for fun and frolics and by creating an alternative to the booze-centric night out we offer the space and atmosphere for truly connecting. WONDER events often take place in quirky venues and no two events are the same. What they all have in common is incredible DJ line-ups, when we have food it's always vegan and delectable alcohol-free beverages (now from our newly launched SoBar).


Other features we sometimes throw into the mix (when we've got larger venues or more time with you lovely people) include yoga, sound baths, comedy shows, inspiring talks and workshops, conscious movement meditation, breathwork, performance art and immersive theatre.


A mix of people come to WONDER. We've seen a lot of 18-25 year olds come which isn't surprising when you read the stats on the growing number of young people choosing a healthier lifestyle. Age doesn't seem to be a thing at WONDER events and neither is teetotalism a prerequisite. All you need is a desire to have a good time and connect and maybe to like dancing!

Read more about who we are and why we're doing this on our WONDER Why page

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Did you know the word 'companion' comes from latin and means 'with bread'. Sharing food together is a great way to connect with people. You'll release oxytocin when you enjoy food with other people and you'll get a hit of dopamine when you try a new food you love. When we include food in the price it's because we want to achieve that shared experience. When WONDER events have food it's always vegan. We promise, even if you're not vegan you'll love what we dish up. And look out for Suzie's speciality energy balls.

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We know that when you laugh hard you release all four of the natural happy neurochemicals - dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. When we include comedy at our events we work with Cambridge Improv Factory - their 'Whose line is it anyway?' style improvised comedy is just perfect for anyone looking for a good laugh.



WONDER events are alcohol-free but our SoBar is not simply serving cola or cordial! We get really creative with our intriguing drinks menus.  

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Resident DJs are Luna Love and Paul Darking and guest DJs are always welcome. When we have a WONDER disco our DJs whip dancers up into a frenzy by serving up their unique mix of club classics, disco, house, funk & soul.



WONDER organisers Suzie & Lisa are big fans of yoga. It is a great way to achieve balance with mind and body.  We know that after a yoga class we feel lighter and more content so whenever WONDER hosts an event with daytime activities we integrate yoga and sometimes gong baths into the mix. We work with a number of yoga teachers from Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre which has supported WONDER right from the beginning.