Fun times in old Cambridge

Our mindful pub crawl in October was a lot of fun. There was a decent sized gang of us and it proved to be an eclectic and interesting bunch. Laura from Club Soda was brilliant in her concise and entertaining welcoming talk and Tom from Adnams did a wonderful job of explaining how they go about making their low and no alcohol drinks and finally taking us on a revelatory taste tour. My favourite surprised me - the Rose wine of all drinks! And we all learnt that it's the second sip that we should reflect on when giving our judgement on the beverage. After the Castle Inn on Castle Hill we moved on quickly in the cold wintery rain to the cosy refuge that was the Pickerel Inn. Most people tucked into the food there and it was a relief to know they had a vegan options (mushroom pie and triple cooked chips). My biggest surprise of the night was discovering Stowford's Press 0.5% Cider tastes (in my mind) exactly the same as regular cider.

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