Sook Space was the place

We took WONDER to a whole new level when we did it in a shop! On Saturday 25th Jan the party went off with a bang in the state-of-the-art Sook Space in the Grafton Centre, Cambridge. Sook is an exciting new social venture which turns shop spaces into truly adaptive and flexible spaces. Using digital wallpaper you can literally turn the space into whatever you want. We chose sparkly moving images, like the ones we have here on our website. It was great to collaborate with Sook and refreshing to hold a party in the Grafton centre of all places!

The do kicked off with a great book launch talk from Laura Willoughby, MBE, Co-author of 'How to be a mindful drinker' and Founder of Club Soda UK. After some delicious vegan Thai canapes the party got into full swing with DJs Luna Love, Ted Bowyer and Paul Darking.

This was the full launch of WONDER's very own SoBar too - so the drinks were delectable - even if we do say so ourselves! The Villanelle was a criminally grown-up beverage (made with a botanical and berry drink called Nine Elms No 18) and the Belle and Co bubbles seemed to go down and treat. The bottled beers from Nirvana and Free Star were just the ticket for a spill-free dancing drink! We loved it at Sook Space and very much hope to go back there again. Thanks to all the party-goers and wonderful helpers - particular thanks to the bar staff who were totally amazing.

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