Lisa Pollitt and Suzie Young are two friends are on a mission to change the way we look at socialising at the weekend.


Everyone seems to accept that drinking is part of our culture and that it’s unavoidable. But we don’t think it has to be that way. We’re not teetotalers but we’ve been experimenting with abstaining and we think it’s possible to put together exciting alcohol-free events which cater for everyone from extreme hedonists to quiet toe-tappers.


We’re serious about fun. We see WONDER as a social venture and we mean business - which is why we went on the University of Cambridge Judge Business School Social Venture Weekend. 

WONDER is designed to help trigger a shift in culture. Instead of alcohol as the central pivot point, this event revolves around good feelings. The vision is for future generations of adults to feel like they have a choice, that there are places to go to have an awesome time, but without the assumption that alcohol has to be involved. The benefits to health, wellbeing and finances are massive. Early indications from ticket sales demographic data shows that this event appeals to a cross section of ages. This is particularly interesting because it reflects the growing evidence that more and more people, especially the younger generations, appear to be reducing their consumption*, opting for teetolalism (more than a quarter of 16-24 year olds) or never even trying it in the first place (*See ONS Report May 2018 - below)

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WANTED: Sponsors 

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Conscious - Kind - People - Planet

We want to create a movement towards a world that is connected, awake and joyful. We believe WONDER events can create experiences kindred to that ideal. We're looking for people or organisations who match our values who might consider sponsoring WONDER events. We love to connect with like-minded people.